Taiji is often described as a martial art and is a solid compliment to the fighting arts, but in the Dragon Gate lineage it is practiced, much like yoga, within a broader context founded on physical and mental union and stability. Instruction covers wuji taiji, the thirteen archaic positions, Yang style tai chi, qi gong & various components which reinforce each other and add stability to the process of learning Dragon Gate Lineage Tai Chi Chuan.

Transmission to my students follows a different model. You don’t pay for classes. Learn the basic forms from videos on YouTube –– Hector McHugh (soon to be moved to a less censorious platform). When you have the basic form down, and if you want to get deeper into the forms, you make an appointment for assessment and further instruction. In the meantime, do feel free to throw me a coin…

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Thank you, may all beings be happy.