WuJi TaiJi – Part 1.

Greetings Sisters and Brothers, Mothers & Fathers, Daughters & Sons.

It is with a disproportionate degree of pride that I present my first TaiJi instructional video. In this video, I’d like to introduce you to the WuJi – or Primordial – TaiJi form, or as I like to think of it, TaiJi dancing to welcome the Goddess back from her 9,000 year retreat to the Inner Planet (I hear she is walking the surface again and she is kicking butt and taking names!).

WuJi TaiJi is a simple and repetitive form where we exercise the tendons, muscles, organs and fascia, reaching deep inside to affect the autonomic nervous system to promote highest balance and harmony. In Taoist terms, we are gathering the Qi from east, north, west, south, up and down and absorbing them into our meridians to promote health.

May all beings be happy and healthy!

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