My name is Hugh Sinclair, aka Hector McHugh. I have previously worked in ad agencies, nightclubs, restaurants, pubs, wholesale greengrocers, some vineyards, a shipyard and a memorable six weeks on the road carrying sound equipment for a communist comedian and his warm up band.

I have studied taijiquan and qi gong for thirty years. Since 2003, I have studied under Sat Hon, 21st Generation Lunmeng – Dragon Gate School – transmission.

Transmission to my students follows a different model. You don’t pay for classes. Learn the basic forms from videos on YouTube (soon to be moved to a less censorious platform). When you have the basic form down, and if you want to get deeper into the forms, you make an appointment for assessment and further instruction. In the meantime, do feel free to throw me coin…



Venmo: @HectorMcHugh

Thank you, may all beings be happy.